Traditional law firms are premised on the idea that armies of lawyers are needed to represent their clients effectively. While this approach remains useful in select cases, it requires law firms to maintain a leveraged staffing model and expensive overhead.  That structure, in turn, restricts a firm’s ability to provide innovative and efficient solutions for clients with complex legal problems. Yet, the vast majority of cases are won by delivering clients first-rate legal pleadings and oral advocacy. In other words, these cases are not won because numerous attorneys are assigned to the matter. They are won because of the quality of the representation.

Consovoy McCarthy Park PLLC was founded to meet that challenge. We are a team-oriented boutique law firm that promises to deliver legal advocacy of the highest quality. We specialize in solving complex legal problems, and we are committed to providing Supreme Court level representation regardless of the forum in which those problems arise. Our model gives us the flexibility to tailor our fees, including the use of alternative fee arrangements, to meet our clients’ goals.  In the end, we offer a business proposition that few law firms can match: first-rate advocacy and a maximum return on our clients’ investment in legal services.

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